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Henry Weber Aircraft Distributors, Inc. has been in business since 1958, providing consistent, quality service for over 57 years.  Located at the Lancaster Airport in Lititz, PA, we have maintained our loyal customer base for decades with precise and reliable workmanship.  We specialize in inspecting and servicing all Mooney Aircraft models, all Aerostar Aircraft models, and all single-engine Cessna models, including the composite Corvallis Aircraft.  In addition to servicing aircraft, we also broker select models.  Please enjoy navigating our website, and feel free to contact us with any questions!



Happy New Year everyone!  Make sure to contact us to schedule a fresh annual inspection for 2017!






We have some exciting news to announce concerning Mooney International!  Stay tuned for more details in the near future...






Happy New Year everyone!  Make sure to contact us to schedule a fresh annual inspection for 2016!






We just sold another aircraft!  Please check our Aircraft Sales page to view all of the available airplanes that we have for sale!






We have posted the complete Engine Log Book and Airframe Log Book for the 2005 Cessna 400 that was referenced last Thursday.  Click the above corresponding links to view those items!






Today we added a 2005 Cessna 400 to our Aircraft Sales page!  Follow the above link to view photos of this excellent aircraft and to find specific information pertaining to it as well.  Complete details will be available soon!







We have just uploaded photos of the 1981 Aerostar 601 - Samurai 350 that we listed several weeks ago.  Go to our Aircraft Sales page and follow the link to view these photos as well as pertinent information pertaining to this aircraft!







As we await additional information concerning the Aerostar 601P Superstar 700, we are excited to announce that by the end of next week we will have a 1981 Aerostar 601 - Samurai 350 listed for sale!  







We have just updated our Services page to provide some detail about our service center and some of the maintenance and work that we perform.  Also, we recently updated our Aircraft Sales page to include a Mooney M20K-231!  Within the next several months we will also be adding an Aerostar 601P Superstar 700 to that same page.

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Henry Weber Aircraft
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